Why Invest in Video Production?

We often get asked, why should I invest in video production when I can get it for free from a TV station? And the short answer to that is, quality. Often times when you purchase a TV schedule stations will say, “we’ll throw in commercial production for free” and your immediate response is – great! Take a moment and think about this, your investing in your company by spending $3000-$5000 a month in a TV advertising campaign, sometimes thousands more, and you’re relying on commercial content that was thrown in for free?

Now, where we come in. At LP Digital Media Group, award winning digital media is a top-quality premium digital media product. We take the time to research who you are, what your company does, and what type of promotion your company would best benefit from. We make sure your company appearances remains professional, is an accurate reflection of your business and promotes the strategic goals you’ve set out for your marketing campaign.

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Production value has a much father reach than “after thought” free media. Your appearance matters and how your company is represented publicly should reflect the quality of work you do as a business. Lumpstick Productions provides you with the tools you need to extend your professionalism across multiple digital media platforms. Our team uses professional lighting, industry standard video equipment, top quality post-production software, and a number of other digital media tools that ensures you have the best marketing product possible. Investing in your production value, and by doing so you’re ensuring your company is viewed as the industry standard when it comes to what you do.



If your initial thought is, “I need a quality video for my website” you’re not wrong, however don’t stop there. You know people need you see what you do well, that’s why you invested in your business and produced a high-quality marketing video. Now people that visit your website will see that, but only those that visit your website. You need to target your market and put your videos in front of your demographic. Drive traffic back to your website, be aggressive. You do great work, now micro target those individuals you want to convert into leads..



7 Reasons Why Video Production Value Matters

Amanda Dhalla from videocommerce.com has a great article explaining the importance of video production, the main points are below. Here is a link to the original article.

1.    Rising viewer expectations
According to comScore’s 2012 US Digital Future In Focus report, 105.1 million Americans watch videos online each day, up 43% from 73.7 million in 2010. The average viewer watches 239 videos per month with length and file sizes increasing. As more television viewers migrate to the web or plug their computers into their TVs, they’re coming to expect higher quality online video. With standards rising, shooting better quality video now can help ensure the longevity and value of your video strategy and assets.


2.    More sophisticated viewing devices
Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to view content when and where they want.  Those mobile devices are becoming ever more advanced. The new iPad 3, for example, features a 2048 x 1536 resolution display, quad-core graphics processing and 3.1 million pixels in a 9.7-inch space. That’s a million more than an HDTV. More sophisticated equipment, combined with fast data networks, means that mobile video quality looks spectacular. Unfortunately, homemade video looks, well, homemade.

3.    Better user experience
A well-lit, tightly-edited video is usually more appealing to watch than a homemade clip. Audio in particular has to be good. You might be able to squeak by with so-so quality visuals, but if the sound is poor quality or hard to hear, viewers will go for the ‘x’ button. With thousands of videos uploaded every second – by Hollywood studios, amateurs and everyone in between – making the viewing experience as easy on the eyes and ears as possible should be a main priority.

4.    Competitors are doing it
According to eMarketer, Custom Content Council and ContentWise found 52% of North American companies used video for content marketing in 2011.  This is sharply up from 2009 when it accounted for only 37% of North American marketers’ content investment. 

In addition, over half (54%) of North American companies planned to invest more in video content in 2012 over last year.

With so many brands getting deeper into video, your footage must at minimum be comparable in terms of content and production values to attract and convert prospects.

5.    Brand reputation enhancement
Like your website, your email marketing and your printed materials, the video that your company produces is representative of your brand. It can take a lot of time to plan, script, shoot and edit a video. Make sure your clips look and sound professional to protect and enhance your brand reputation and show consumers that you care.

6.    More compelling content
Production values can enhance or detract from the core content of a video. A production company doesn’t just make the end product look good. They also help craft the content of your video to ensure it is focused, informative and impactful. Better content translates into higher conversion.

7.    Decreasing costs
Well done video need not cost the earth. The days of paying six figures for a few minutes of video are waning. For example, the viral video from the Dollar Shave Club launch last month only cost CEO Mike Dubin $4500. Before beginning your hunt for a video production company, prepare a brief outline of what you’re looking for, and plan to shoot a number of videos at the same time.